Member Events

Lunch at The Palm

LGW gives our members the opportunity, once a month, to come together around lively conversation at The Palm Restaurant in downtown DC. While there is no formal agenda for these lunches, they are an opportunity for active members to share a meal with each other, discuss LGW and other topics, all while building the connections that will lead to positive community impact. 


Thought Leadership Series

LGW's Thought Leadership Series is an 18-month program giving our Active Members an in-depth experience with regional experts on affordable housing in the Capital region. Members will explore what 'affordable' means, what the housing landscape looks like in the region today and how transportation, housing and equitable access to services intersect in our communities. This event is free to Active Members.


Lessons in Leadership

LGW's Lessons in Leadership feature intimate conversations with the region’s top decision-makers about their approaches to leadership, challenges and how to move the region forward. This event is open to all LGW members.

Leadership Exchange

Leadership Exchange is a multifaceted and cooperative partnership with other developmental leadership institutions and community organizations designed to help foster meaningful connections between LGW members and other civic leaders around this region and around the country. 

Membership with LGW gives regional leaders access to key connections that make real impact possible. Throughout the year, LGW hosts exclusive, member only events bringing together business, government, non-profit and community leaders around local issues and opportunities for action. Check out the types of programs available only to LGW’s Active Members.